Tonga responds to tsunami and Covid-19

First published on: 15th February 2022

Pray for Tonga

The people of Tonga continue to suffer from the impact of the Hunga Tonga tsunami, which has left many without safe drinking water and those in the outer islands of Tonga with limited access to electricity.

Covid-19 has also affected the islands, as the virus was passed on by a relief worker travelling into the area.

With the help of partner organisations like USPG, Anglican Missions continues to supply food, clean water and shelter to Tongans. These supplies also include personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of Covid.

Aid workers carry supplies to Tongan communities.

USPG asks for your prayers for the people of Tonga as they respond to the ongoing crisis.

Rt Rev’d Winston Halapua, former Archbishop of Polynesia, wrote the following prayer to say as we pray for the people of Tonga:

God of immense Compassion, nothing separates us from your love.

You are with us in trouble and in joy, in turbulence and in stillness.

After the volcanic eruption in Ha’apai Group, we gather as a family, aware of that the Hunga eruption, rated the most powerful undersea eruption in the last thirty years, has had a major impact on Tonga. 

As a family we gather to hear deep feelings and stories.

As a Tongan Family, we are in solidarity with all in Tonga and with all those whose hearts reach out to Tonga.

We give thanks for the people of Tonga as they seek to recover, restore and rebuild.

We give thanks for the prayers of so many, for warmth and generosity of heart.

We give thanks for practical support being organized and sent to relieve suffering and hardship in Tonga.

Your love embraces us in sunshine and in storm.

Grant to all of us wisdom, courage, resilience and perseverance.

We give thanks that you will enable us to move forward together into the future.  

We pray in the Name of Your Son Jesus.      

To help our partner churches respond to situations like the Tongan tsunami, donate to our Rapid Response Fund.