Church of Ceylon responds to economic crisis in Sri Lanka

First published on: 25th May 2022

Sri Lanka is going through its worst economic crisis since the country’s independence in 1948. The soaring cost of living caused by food and fuel shortages means that many families are struggling to make ends meet. The government has enforced power cuts and a lack of medicine in the country is bringing the health system to the verge of collapse. Mass protests have spread across Sri Lanka in defiance of curfews and the ongoing repression of freedom of speech.

The economic crisis in local communities has resulted in severe need particularly amongst vulnerable women, children, farmers, plantation workers and daily wage earners. The Diocese of Kurunagala in the Church of Ceylon is assisting struggling families with immediate support in the form of food parcels. The diocese is also planning long-term advocacy and outreach projects to create sustainable livelihoods in the future.

Rev’d Davidson Solanki, Regional Manager for Asia and the Middle East, says, ‘The Church of Ceylon is helping those families worst affected by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. USPG is partnering with the Church in their response as they share God’s love through acts of care and compassion. We ask your prayers for the people of Sri Lanka at this difficult time.’

USPG plans to support the immediate response of the Diocese which will provide 300 families with ration packs. Every £9 we raise will provide a ration pack containing a month’s supply of rice, flour, potatoes, dahl, vegetables, tea and other essential items for a family. Please support our partner, the Diocese of Kurunagala, in the Church of Ceylon and the vulnerable people in their local communities.

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