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Leadership and Capacity Strengthening


USPG has supported the Anglican Church in Malawi’s (ACM) leadership and capacity strengthening programme since its launch in 2017.

The purpose of the programme is to enable the ACM to fulfil its mission by training up theological students to fill in positions of leadership. This programme came about after the Secretariat of the Anglican Church in Malawi (ACM) carried out a capacity assessment exercise regarding the need to improve the Secretariat’s overall performance in delivering the ACM’s vision and mission. The exercise was a culmination of consultations between the ACM Council and USPG and was endorsed by the Council of Bishops of the four dioceses in Malawi. Its overall purpose of the workshop was to assess the capacity of the ACM Secretariat, identify gaps and make recommendations on organizational capacity development strategies to USPG and the Council.

The training takes place at the Leonard Kamungu Theological College (LKTC), based in Zomba, Malawi. The LKTC started in 2006 as a seminary for the training of prospective ACM priests and is the only Anglican theological college for all the four Anglican dioceses in Malawi. With the LKTC, the ACM is able to produce priests with Anglican Theology, practice and ethos. The LKTC has helped the ACM to increase its number of intakes of ordinands to cope with the demands for more priests. It has also helped the Church to contribute constructively and effectively to the theological study from an Anglican perspective. Since the LKTC was opened, the ACM has been able to increase the number of priests and to train theological students in Anglican theology, practice and ethos. It is helping the Church to contribute constructively and effectively to theological study from an Anglican perspective. The college offers certificates and diplomas in theology; the diplomas are accredited by the University of Malawi.


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