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The Asian Theological Academy


The Asian Theological Academy (ATA) was created through a vision of church leaders in South Asia as a movement to enable Asian Christians think together theologically in their local contexts. It was founded in 2014 and USPG has been involved in the consultation process that eventually led to the ATA’s launch and has been a part of it ever since.

The ATA’s main focus is to influence and equip churches and theological institutions in Asia to be able to articulate their God experience in their own thought forms, idioms, cultures, song and music. This is the realisation of a long-felt theological vision. Several of the ATA’s founder members felt that the time had come for them to articulate their own theologies and shape younger theological minds. The ATA has functioned as a theological movement that creates space for solidarity and ecumenical partnerships.

Hence, ATA’s main focus is to influence and equip Churches and theological institutions in Asia to overcome their captivity to inherited forms of theology and traditions and to give a response to God who is at work in the contexts of two thirds of the human family. Activities planned for 2020 include a ‘school of people’s theology’ with a focus on climate change with the Church of Bangladesh, which has requested a specific focus on ecological and climate justice; and the annual Refresher course for clergy and laity in Sri Lanka.

Since its launch, the ATA has become a space for the meeting of diverse cultures and for people to listen to one another, learn from each other and articulate a language of God from an experience of pain, brokenness, despair and hope.

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