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The Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA)


The Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa (PROCMURA) is the only pan-African Christian organisation with a specific focus on fostering constructive relations between Christians and Muslims in witness and for peaceful co-existence. USPG has given PROCMURA an annual grant towards its work ever since 1959 when the programme began.

PROCMURA was registered in Kenya in 1977 and its head office is in Nairobi. The programme is currently well established in 20 countries in East, West, Central and Southern Africa and operates in 10 more countries where it is not yet fully established. PROCMURA’s constituencies are made up of Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox, Evangelicals and African Instituted (Independent) Churches. It does have Catholics in its constituencies, some of who have served in various capacities within the PROCMURA family.

The programme’s bold vision is for a continent where Christian and Muslim communities, in spite of their differences, work together for justice, peace and reconciliation. It does this through awareness-raising campaigns, conflict resolution, education and advocacy for religious freedom.

In 2018, PROCMURA launched its University Chapters pilot programme, promoting religious tolerance in universities and colleges. This initiative is in response to the reality that universities and colleges are primary targets for those seeking to recruit young people into violent extremist groups. The programme was launched in Kenya and PROCMURA is looking to roll it out to universities and colleges across Africa.

PROCMURA is a movement which aims at ensuring that Christians and Muslims from generation to generation grow to appreciate that Christianity and Islam are part and parcel of the African religious heritage, that Christians and Muslims shall remain part of that African religious heritage and that there should be no illusion that any of the two religions can work the other one out of existence.


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