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Angola and Mozambique

Angola and Mozambique (IAMA)


IAMA - Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola - is the newest member of the worldwide Anglican Communion family. It is comprised of the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique and became an independent province in October 2021. The two Portuguese-speaking churches were formerly part of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

The origins of the Anglican Church in Mozambique date back to the 19th century when SPG missionaries came from South Africa and Universities’ Mission to Central Africa had missionaries working in the north. The Church in Angola’s origins are much more recent.

In Mozambique, Bishop Dinis Sengualane was widely known for his peace-making work during the civil war.

Bishop Carlos Matsinhe of Lebombo is the acting presiding bishop of IAMA and Bishop Andre Soares of Angola is the dean of the province.

USPG is helping the new province in developing leadership and the establishment  of a provincial office.

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