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Past and Present: Pastoral Care across space and time


Bray Day - Pastoral Care across space and time


USPG’s webinar “Past and Present: Pastoral Care Across Space and Time” on 15th February marked the founding of USPG (as SPG) and SPCK by the Rev’d Dr Thomas Bray. The webinar was on the topic of pastoral care across time and space, and launched an exhibition of USPG’s archive, which you may view here.

300 delegates from 30 different countries attended the webinar, making it USPG’s largest online event to date. Dr Jo Sadgrove (USPG) offered broad reflections on the contents of the archive, Dr Alison Searle and Dr Emily Vine (University of Leeds) presented documents from the archive, and Bishop Rowan Williams discussed the archive with journalist Rosie Dawson. The Rev’d Dr Carlton Turner, USPG Trustee, The Rt Rev’d Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Bishop of Dover, and The Rev’d Professor Veront Satchell, Professor of Economic and Landscape History at the University of the West Indies, provided reflections on the archive.



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