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'A Cup Full of Hope'

'A Cup Full of Hope': Mission in the Diocese of Colombo

Anglicans in Sri Lanka told a webinar how a programme supported by USPG is transforming the lives of tea pickers there.

Staff from the Diocese of Colombo’s Plantation Community Development Programme told a USPG webinar how their ministry aims to ‘Make tomorrow better than today’ for plantation workers. Bishop Dusantha Rodrigo said, ‘The tea you drink is only possible because of plantation workers…we live alongside these workers and minister to them.’

He also outlined how the diocese’s ministries have changed since USPG helped start this programme in 1997: ‘Our clergy are hoping to learn Chinese and sign language to increase our outreach…during the pandemic, we helped to secure internet connections for children who needed to attend school virtually.’

We also heard stories of students who had received help from the programme now giving back to the plantation communities through voluntary and financial contributions.

To hear more about the Church of Ceylon’s ministry to plantation workers, watch the webinar here:

To donate to ‘A Cup Full of Hope’, USPG’s Christmas Appeal supporting this programme, click here:

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