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For Such a Time As This - Lent 2021

For such a time as this

Lent Appeal 2021


“People are living in this world as though they have another planet to go to.”

Over the past year children across the world have spoken out against climate injustice and called for action to tackle the environmental crisis that our planet faces. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the devastating impact we are having on the natural world. In India where there are high levels of air pollution in urban areas and many environmental problems caused by climate change, school children are taking action for themselves.

Donate now and support the next generation to protect the environment


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Green Schools Programme

The Church of South India is a USPG partner that provides educational services, from nursery to secondary school, across five states of India. In 2015, the Church of South India set up the Green Schools programme to teach the students about the importance of protecting the environment. This is a way for students to address the environmental issues they face every day whilst also benefitting educationally.

The Green Schools programme focuses on air, energy, food, land, water and waste within each school. This fosters teamwork and collaboration; it also means students will benefit across many areas of their curriculum.

We live in a broken and unequal world. We are here for such a time as this. Called to respond with words and actions, USPG partners with churches across the world in their mission of transforming lives through education, health care and justice for all.

Children in schools across south India are putting their faith into action in caring for God’s Creation. Will you join them?

Your donation will ensure that more children in India have access to the Green Schools Programme


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£10 will enable a school to provide the materials their students need to start their environmental journey

£30 will provide one school with a Green School Award to champion their progress and inspire others to follow in their footsteps

£60 will train a teacher in the Green Schools Initiative, enabling 30 children to protect their environment now and for the future



Hermani is in charge of the green project at her school. The school harvests rainwater in large tanks and uses the water for their toilets, gardening, washing and cooking using steam. 

“This school has taught me to how to save electricity, how to save water, how to plant trees and develop the ecology. I will surely teach the next generation to keep our environment clean and green. I have studied at this school from 1st grade, I have been in this school for 9 years and it has been a perfect blessing for me. When I leave, I will miss the school very much as it is very eco-friendly.”

Donate now and support us to empower the next generation.


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