Coronavirus Bangladesh Update

First published on: 20th April 2020

Globally more than 200 countries are facing challenge to control COVID-19 virus. In Bangladesh the number of identified patients and number of deaths are increasing. As on 13th April, there are 803 confirmed COVID – 19 cases and 39 related deaths (according to Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research).  WHO forecasted that the situation of Bangladesh may become worse due to limited facilities to treat the patients. Since 26th March, the Bangladesh government has shut down all the offices, shopping malls, industries, educational institutes (from 17th March) and general transport like bus, train, air and river. Only the hospitals, pharmacies, kitchen market and emergency services (fire brigade, bin collection, ambulance, etc.) are functioning.

The Church of Bangladesh have initiated COVID – 19 Health response with financial support from USPG. The intervention includes Hand Washing kits to be distributed to community members of 112 Parishes of Church of Bangladesh. It will include Buckets, mugs, soaps and awareness materials (pamphlets and leaflets). This project will work on hand washing package to congregations in 112 Parishes under seven Deaneries of three Dioceses. The majority of the congregations are from poor and marginalized economic group. They need awareness and practical demonstration to make it into a daily habit. The majority of the Church members are from the ethnic and tribal groups with limited resources hence the Church of Bangladesh would like to support through prevention and awareness campaigns.

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