Prayer for Today

Monday 1st March (Zero Discrimination Day)

Let us pray for an end to all forms of discrimination and for the courage to stand up for those who are being discriminated against. 


Tuesday 2nd March

Let us pray that the same love we have for Christ might show to those we walk beside each day.


Wednesday 3rd March (World Wildlife Day)

Let us pray for the care and protection of all of God’s creatures that help to make up the created beauty of our world. 


Thursday 4th March

Let us pray that through constant prayer, and committed action that the Spirit of our loving Father might renew the face of the Earth.


Friday 5th March

Let us pray that we might live by the golden rule, treating others how we would like to be treated, rooted in an attitude of love.


Saturday 6th March

Let us give thanks for all those who work in ministry spreading the mission of the church across the world.


Sunday 7th March

Loving God, you heal the broken-hearted and comfort the bereaved. May all who bear the scars of the Earthquake and tsunami experience your comfort and healing.