Partners in Mission

Harnessing the power of partnership in the global church

The Partners in Mission scheme allows you to support one of seven churches around the world in serving their local communities in the love of Jesus.

Each of our partner churches runs life-changing local programmes, responding to important needs such as food security, health inequality and gender-based violence.

When you partner with a church, 100% of your donations will go towards funding these vital programmes, creating powerful and long-lasting change in communities. We’ll invite you to set up a regular gift in a way that works for you as a church or individual so you can start transforming lives right away.

During your partnership you’ll get regular updates about the impact your donations are having over time, including amazing stories and prayer requests. You can even invite a USPG speaker to visit your church so you can get to know your partner better.


How to become a partner

  1. Choose the global church partner you would like to support (see below)


  1. Complete the form below to pledge support for the partner church of your choice.


  1. You’ll be invited to set up your giving so you can start transforming lives right away!


If you have any questions about the Partners in Mission scheme, please do get in touch with us at


Our partner churches

Below is our list of partner churches. To find out more about the work of each church, click the link to visit their bespoke Partners in Mission hub. Once signed up, partners can come back to these pages to view the latest updates from the programmes they support.



The Anglican Council of Malawi aims to improve food security and poverty in its rural communities by providing drought tolerant seeds, training small holders in conservation agriculture and sustainable farming. They are also training women in finance and marketing skills so that they can create sustainable livelihoods. Visit the Malawi hub. 




The Church of Bangladesh raises awareness of health issues and disease prevention so that communities feel empowered to take their health into their own hands. Their programme trains community health workers, runs clinics, offers healthcare camps for free check-ups, and provides a medicine delivery service. Visit the Bangladesh hub.




The Anglican Church of Tanzania runs the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission programme. This programme provides practical and medical support to prevent the virus being passed on from mothers to their children and raises awareness of HIV within the community. Visit the Tanzania hub.




Church of Zimbabwe’s Stigma Reduction Programme trains church leaders on issues of HIV and has created wellness groups that provide a network to people living with HIV. They also offer access to food gardens and help with developing sustainable livelihoods. Visit the Zimbabwe hub.




North India

The Church of North India works with people from local communities to provide healthcare, self help groups and women's helplines. They aim to break the cycle of poverty and ill health that result in migration, human trafficking, domestic violence and debt slavery. Visit the North India hub.



South India

The Church of South India runs programmes to centre children in the life of the church and to teach them to protect the environment. The programmes focus on addressing the environmental issues the students face on a daily basis whilst benefitting them educationally. Visit the South India hub.




Sri Lanka

Your partnership with the Church of Ceylon will provide healthcare and education, fostering confidence and improving lives and opportunities, as well as reducing the prevalence of other issues such as domestic violence and abuse. Visit the Sri Lanka hub.



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