USPG Conference 2023 - Justice and the Church?


Date: 16th – 17th June 
Yarnfield Park Conference Centre, Stone, Staffordshire
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Today, USPG launch their 2023 conference titled Justice and the Church? Taking place over two days along with partnering organisations and guest speakers, USPG will explore what justice means throughout the Anglican world. The event will have keynote speakers, workshops and bible studies as we tackle questions such as:

  • What does justice mean?
  • How might we recognise it?
  • Where, as Christians and Church, are we falling short?
  • How do we seek God’s justice on earth for all, whilst acknowledging the huge diversity within our church and communities? 

Two keynote speakers will seek to tackle the inherited complexities within the histories of church and mission: 

Sarojini Nadar, theologian and biblical scholar and the Desmond Tutu Research Chair in Religion and Social Justice at the University of the Western Cape,

and Rev’d Dr Al Barrett, rector of Hodge Hill Church in the Diocese of Birmingham; author of books such as “Being Interrupted: Reimagining the Church’s Mission from the Outside, In.”; and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Queen’s Foundation.

Through a series of participatory workshops and bible studies, we will explore how these histories continue to foster injustice in the present – particularly concerning race, gender and the environment. 

Although the time together will be challenging, the event will be framed by fellowship and prayer. We ask that all who attend are prepared to be thoughtful and inclusive, to create a safe space for discussion so that our time together will be underpinned by mutual respect despite the differing opinions we may have. 

We hope that all who attend will have time to share, listen, reflect, and discern how we can be agents for justice in our churches and surrounding communities. 

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please head over to our booking page . We want to make this event as open and inclusive as possible, so if there are any barriers to you or someone you know attending, please contact us directly and we will do all we can to enable attendance. 

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