Volunteer with USPG

Join USPG to put your faith into action and help support us and our global partners as we share God’s saving and transformative love.

Our team of volunteers are making a real difference. They inspire Christians in Britain and Ireland to support mission around the globe through prayer, worship and financial support.

From speaking in churches to organising fundraising events, from blogging to chatting to people at events, whatever your gifts, skills, and experience, we have a role for you!

We have been spreading the gospel for over 300 years. With your help we can share the gospel message of life in all its fullness with even more people around the world.

Contact Ramond Mitchell  our Volunteering and Education Co-ordinator, to find out how you can get involved.


Why we volunteer for USPG:

Tricia Hamilton, USPG Speaker:
'The joy about being a USPG Speaker is helping others understand the desperate needs which exist in our world and how USPG, and they, can really make a difference.'




Hannah Silcock, USPG Council Member:
'I've loved volunteering with USPG. They have always made me feel welcome and valued. I have learned new skills and discovered how to look at the world in a new way. My eyes have been opened to a type of development that enables people rather than building dependence.'



Richard Reade, USPG Diocesan Representative
'It’s good to be reminded that we are part of a rich worldwide family of Christians, who though diverse in so many ways are united as one family.  Being a Diocesan Representative gives the opportunity to inform and enthuse others to look beyond the local parish to the global Church and to learn from the experiences of partner churches..'


Diane Thubron, USPG Parish Contact:
'Being an USPG Church Link means I can share the work and mission of USPG with people in our own parish. It’s great to promote a discussion about the wider church.'




What could I do as a volunteer for USPG?

Our volunteer team is a mixture of people with different experiences, talents and roles. Some volunteers focus on one area, some are involved in several. Some change their role after a while, and some do things which aren’t mentioned here. We provide training and support for everyone, so you don’t need to be an expert already.

Parish Contact
Many of our supporting churches have a key link person who keeps the congregation (and clergy) up-to-date with USPG and our work. This could involve giving out copies of our prayer diary and magazine, displaying posters about our work, encouraging the church and individuals to support USPG financially, organising a Lent study course using our resources, or inviting a Speaker to visit.

Our Speakers play a vital role in sharing stories from the world church with our supporters in Britain and Ireland. Not only do our Speakers show churches and individuals the impact that their support makes possible, they also inspire churches to think about their local mission and ministry as part of a global church.

Diocesan Representative
Our Diocesan Reps are key USPG volunteers in their diocese, raising awareness and support for USPG in their diocese. They are the main link between the charity’s national centre and local churches, supporters and other volunteers.

Events Volunteer
There are lots of one-off opportunities to support USPG at events, ranging from helping on our stands at national events like Greenbelt, to setting up a table of resources at a diocesan conference or service.