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Our Partners In Mission scheme provides an opportunity to join one of our global church partners in their local mission. Choose to support one of ten partner churches, with 100% of your donations going towards their vital work.

How Partners in Mission works

Choose the global church partner you would like to support (see list below).

Complete the simple form below to pledge support for the partner church of your choice.

We will contact you to confirm we have received your initial pledge.

You will receive two reports each year in the Spring and Autumn, uncluding news, photos and prayer requests.

You are encouraged to invite a USPG Speaker to visit your church so you can learn more about your chosen partner church.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Ten global church partners to choose from:

Asian Theological Academy


The Asian Theological Academy is a forum of churches primarily in Asia that aims to expand the current theological discourse and identify relevant ways to become a prophetic witness to the living reality of God. The theological function of the church, as we affirm, is an incarnational necessity to offer dynamic responses to the ongoing revelations of God in our history. Significantly, we hold that God in Jesus is revealed primarily among the margins of society, and therefore we are called to be in solidarity with those who live in situations of vulnerability and marginalization, to learn and do theology with them.




By supporting the Church of Bangladesh, your donations will go towards supporting the mission of the Church, primarily health work being carried out in communities across the western areas of Bangladesh. This work focuses on a number of key areas, including hospitals, clinics, nursing schools, as well as holistic health and social development programmes. Our partnership with the Church of Bangladesh plays a role in all of these. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in Bangladesh here.




The Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil (IEAB) is committed to social action and expansion. USPG supports vital social work in the Cidade de Deus (City of God) region of Rio de Janeiro offering guitar classes, Brazilian martial arts and dance. It also offers girl guiding, addiction support groups and encourages stewardship of the environment through its recycling initiatives. In another region, the Missionary District of the West, USPG supports church ministry in Ariquemes, Porto Velho and has helped to build St Peter and St Paul’s Chapel there, sending the Revd Maytee to grow the church and lead the congregation.




Despite an improving economy, about three quarters of Malawi’s population still live under the international poverty line. The Anglican Church in Malawi is improving standards of living via support for girls of school-going age and households with low incomes, and in general household environmental management, thereby achieving long-term human and environmental benefits. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in Malawi here.


North India


By supporting the Church of North India, your donations will go towards the work of the Delhi Brotherhood Society (DBS) programme, among others. The DBS provides a 24-hour helpline and practical and legal assistance inside and outside the courts for survivors of violence and abuse. Violence against women is sadly endemic in Delhi. The DBS has its origins in the Cambridge Mission to Delhi, a nineteenth century Anglican mission established by graduates of Cambridge University. 



Another area of local mission is located in one of the remote and disadvantaged parts of West Bengal. As well as poor health, malnutrition and high infant mortality, challenges include low literacy (especially among women), school drop outs and lack of opportunities for development. The Community Health work of the Church of North India, in Durgapur Diocese, will facilitate provision of holistic healthcare that’s acceptable, affordable and accessible for the communities, brought about by the communities themselves. USPG is privileged to engage with this mission of the Church of North India. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in North India here.


The Philippines


Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) is a dynamic and living church which is deeply committed to standing up for the rights of poor and indigenous people. USPG is accompanying their new initiative called “The IFI Abundant Life Programme” anchored on John 10:10. This holistic approach promotes leadership development, local church empowerment and community participation. It mobilizes church leaders at national, diocesan and congregational levels, and enables them to promote fullness of life for individuals and communities by identifying, recognizing and utilising assets available and asserting human rights and human dignity in a society of greed and violence.


South India


Our partnership with the Church of South India is raising awareness of the rights of women and children, particularly girls, as well as protecting those rights. Starting with individuals within specific congregations, it now reaches complete congregations as well as communities of all faiths.



In urban areas, India suffers from high levels of air pollution, and many other environmental problems Our partnership with the Church of South India also provides support to the Green Schools Programme, designed to make 1,000 schools run by the Church of South India more environmentally friendly. Much of the Green audit is being done by the pupils of the schools concerned – this instils green values while also directly helping with their education. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in South India here.

Sri Lanka


One of Sri Lanka’s main products is tea and there are numerous tea plantations around the country. Many of the people who live and work on Sri Lanka’s numerous tea plantations are extremely poor. Long years of isolation and exclusion from the rest of Sri Lankan society have led to a ghetto mentality, with a lack of independence and opportunities. Our partnership with the Anglican diocese of Colombo is providing healthcare and education, fostering confidence and improving lives and opportunities generally, as well as reducing the prevalence of other issues such as domestic violence and abuse. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in Sri Lanka here.




Tanzania is affected by HIV and AIDS although the death rate is thankfully reducing. However, sadly, mother-to-child transmission of the virus during pregnancy, birth and when breastfeeding means that thousands of babies are at risk of becoming HIV positive. The Anglican Church of Tanzania is providing the practical and medical support necessary to prevent the virus being passed on from mothers to their children. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in Tanzania here.




While Zimbabwe is on the way to reducing HIV and AIDS, many of those who live with HIV and AIDS still face stigma around disclosing their status. The Anglican Dioceses in Zimbabwe are providing a three-year programme to strengthen the capacities of church leadership regarding the issue, to lessen its stigma, to increase counselling and advocacy skills to improve the quality of life of those living with HIV/AIDS, and to introduce practical measures for improving lives. You can read more about the USPG-supported work in Zimbabwe here.

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