For Such a Time As This - Lent 2021

For such a time as this - Lent 2021

The world is in crisis; Creation is groaning. People and the Earth have been crying out for many years. But for too long, many people - particularly those in the global North - have chosen not to listen, instead remaining complicit in destruction and continuing to increase inequalities. In such a time as this, what have Christians got to offer?

Our doctrine of creation suggests that it was never meant to be like this, but that human nature is tarnished or fallen. The biblical narrative of salvation provides a remedy and challenges us to play our part in the process of redemption and re-creation. This is the journey that we will take together over the six sessions looking at the implications for our daily lives both as individuals and as communities of faith and hope.

We are here for such a time as this. Called to respond with words and actions. USPG partners with churches across the world in their mission of transforming lives through education, health care and justice for all. USPG’s partner churches offer us insights, hope  and encouragement in the ways that they are confronting the issues of ecological justice in their own context: and in doing so, challenge us to respond: are we ready to accept the challenge?

For such a time as this (PDF)

Ar Gyfer Amser Fel Hwn (For such a time as this - Welsh)

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For such a time as this - a theological introduction to ecological justice from the Asian Theological Academy