Prayers of Thanks and Praise

Introduction to ‘Prayers of Thanks and Praise’

Prayer gives us the opportunity to draw close to God at all times and in all seasons: in times of joy and of sadness, in thanksgiving and in petition. Please find below a selection for prayers form USPG global partners which we hope will be of us to you in your prayer life:



Christian life

Church unity


Fair world


Jesus in the refugee



Modern slavery

Peace and justice




Thanks and praise

Times of difficulty

World AIDS Day


Prayers of Thanks and Praise

God of life, light and wisdom,
may we be born again in Christ’s goodness.
Let all people enjoy true victory through reconciliation and sharing.
Hilary P Wirasinha, Sri Lanka

Praise my soul our good Lord,
sing songs to his name,
for he has brought my life
into fresh waters when I was thirsty.
He has fed me with the Bread of Life
when I was starving.
He has sustained me along all my days
and never has put me to shame.
Praise my soul our good Lord,
for all his goodness.
From Uruguay

Blessed be God in the joy of creation.
Blessed be God in the sending of Jesus.
Blessed be God in the work of the Spirit.
Blessed be God in martyr and saint.
Blessed be God in the spread of the gospel
to every race
and every land.
Blessed be God in the church of our day
in its preaching and witness
and its treasures of grace.
Blessed be God who has called us to mission
who forgives and who heals
and is strength in our weakness.

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Prayers for renewal

Eternal God
we confess to you our sinfulness.
You made the world a paradise
but we have turned our lands into
places of tears and unhappiness.
People are fighting each other
race against race.
the holocaust of chauvinism
sweeps through countries
devouring humanity
terrorising us into submission.
Liberating One,
free us from all bondage
so that our faith in you
will make us free
to create with courage
a new world –
new societies.
From Sri Lanka

Grant us the help of the Holy Spirit
in all our life and worship,
that we may expect great things from you,
and attempt great things for you,
and being one in you
may show to the world
that you sent Jesus Christ our Lord,
to whom with you and the Holy Spirit,
be all honour and glory,
world without end.
Church of South India Anniversary Prayer

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Prayers for living the Christian life

Lord God, gracious and merciful,
may we be faithful to our baptismal calling,
ardently desire the communion of Christ’s body and blood,
and serve the poor of your people and all who need our love.
From Peru

God, my Creator,
I open my heart to you.
may it turn to you as the sunflower turns to the sun.
God, my Redeemer,
take away from my heart everything that is not love
so that I may reach out to you in my own unworthiness.
God, my Sanctifier,
journey with me along life’s way
so that all that I am and all that I do
may bring greater glory to you the triune God.
From Sri Lanka

You, O God, who turn storms into gentle winds
and troubled seas into tranquil waters,
you who make yams grow and bananas blossom,
wash our people with justice,
teach us with righteousness,
speak to us daily,
strengthen us to serve you.
Bernard Narokobi, Papua New Guinea

Holy Spirit, give us faith
Holy Spirit, give us hope
Holy Spirit, give us love
Revive your work in this land
beginning with me.
Namirembe Diocese, Uganda

Eternal Lord God,
whose servants encounter many difficulties
and temptations in the course of their work,
sustain them in their vocation,
replenish them with the truth of the gospel
and keep them faithful in prayer.
Grant that in the issues of our day
they may lead with courage and wisdom.
Guide them by your Spirit in their ministry
to the diverse needs of your people,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Bishop Dinis Sengulane, Mozambique

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Prayers for church unity

Almighty God, merciful Father,
we pray thee to direct thy holy church,
that it may abide and grow in unity
and in its witness throughout the world,
and that our faith may increase.
Grant, we beseech thee,
that we may dwell in peace
and have thy blessing on our work.
A United Liturgy for East Africa

Lord, may we live, work and pray as one body in Christ;
do apart nothing which we can do together
and do together what we cannot do apart.
Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

O God, you are one,
make us one.
From India

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Prayers for mission

Almighty God,
whose will it is that all should be saved
and come to the knowledge of the truth;
send forth labourers into the harvest,
that all may know you,
the one true God,
and Jesus Christ whom you sent,
our only Lord and Saviour.
Anglican Missions Board of the Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia

God of mountain, river and plain,
of scattered centres and rural town,
of people black and white,
inspire us by your Spirit with the message of your Good News,
and fill us with desire to share your love with all.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Anglican Diocese of Bathurst in Australia

Almighty God, make us faithful witnesses in the mission of your church.
Help us to seek justice,
work for healing and salvation of our nations.
Renew and empower us with your Holy Spirit
for the establishment of your kingdom in these islands
so diverse in tongue and race
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Anglican Church of Melanesia

Prayers for peace and justice

Lord, our redeemer,
may you bring us back to wholeness as our world is shattered by selfishness, greed and oppression.
Forgive us for we have departed from your reign of equality, righteousness and harmony in justice.
Forgive us for our shortcomings and weaknesses;
we gained security, satisfaction and advantage at the misery and starvation of other people.
Grant that we be bound by your covenant to do good and pursue justice.
Ecumenical Asia-Pacific Student and Youth Network

Oh, God of peace and safety,
pour your peace on us.
Oh, God of peace,
grant peace in our hearts.
From an Arabic hymn

Almighty God, the Father of us all,
we ask you to inspire the people of this land,
with the spirit of justice, truth and love,
so that in all our dealings with one another,
we may show that together we are one in you,
for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Anglican Church of Southern Africa Prayer Book

O Lord, how clearly you know the foolishness of humanity.
No one has been found who has not transgressed your way
from the first Adam till the present day.
Protect us, save us!
For you, Lord, are far from anger,
full of mercy and righteousness.
Anaphora of Saint James of Sarug

We pray for peace, with justice, for the wounded
and broken-hearted, and dignity to be restored to all.
Pray not for Arab or Jew,
for Palestinian or Israeli.
But pray for yourselves,
that you may not divide them
in your prayers,
but keep them together
in your hearts.
Palestinian Christian prayer

Spirit of God,
who moves among us calling us to love and make things new,
we pray that in the lands where Jesus taught and healed
there may be peace.
Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land

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Prayers for healing

Come, Holy God,
Come, loving source of our life,
Come, healing Light.

Come, healing Light,
Source of our life,
Come, healing Light.
From United Theological College, Bangalore, India

Lord God, the giver of eternal life,
we pray for the elderly of our community
and thank you for those who, having given
a lifetime of service, face the future with faith.
We remember too the housebound, the lonely and fearful,
the doubting and the despairing.
Bless them all and fill with love those who serve them;
through Jesus Christ our Saviour.
A Prayer Book for Australia

Gracious God,
look with compassion on those
who through addiction to drugs, alcohol,
gambling or food
have lost their health and freedom:
remove the fears that bind them
strengthen them in their recovery
assure them of your love
and give them friends to support them;
through Jesus our Saviour.
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

A prayer to see Jesus in the refugee
O God, our refuge in the storm,
Our hope in times of trouble,
The Son of Man had no place to lay his head;
May we see Jesus in the migrant and the refugee.
Break our hearts with your compassion for the exiled.
Help us to offer welcome to those seeking safety and shelter.

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Praying for respect within our communities

Lord Jesus, I am happy you made my neighbour different from me.
I need all my neighbours to teach me about you
for my neighbour knows many things I do not know.
Help me to love my neighbour as I love myself.
From Melanesia

Teach me, O God, not to pass judgement on my neighbour
until I have walked many miles in his sandals
and carried his burden on my shoulders.
Instead, make me mindful of the needs of my neighbour.
From Chile

Lord God, fill us with your spirit:
of challenge to reject silence and prejudice,
of compassion in suffering, sorrow and pain,
of gentleness to understand the cry for help,
of togetherness to love one another.
From India

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Prayers for our leaders

Father in heaven,
give our beloved leaders
your judgment and your justice.
Teach the leaders of our church and nation
to govern your people rightly
and bring justice to the oppressed.
The Revd Fr Eston Dickson Pembamoyo, Malawi

Gracious and loving God,
we pray for our country.
We acknowledge you as God of all nations.
May there be patience and understanding between our leaders,
so that good governance may prevail at all times
for the well-being and unity of all our people.
World Day of Prayer Committee of Guyana

Dear God,
the waters that wash the shores of our islands
remind us that your Spirit is moving over our region.
From the Caribbean

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Prayers for children and young people

Lord, this world needs this marvellous wealth that is youth.
Help young people!
They possess the inexhaustible wealth of the future.
Do not allow an easy life to corrupt them
nor difficulties to quench their spirit.
Dom Helder Camara, Brazil

Father of everlasting compassion
you see your children growing up
in an uncertain and confusing world:
show them the path of life
enable them to triumph over failure and frustration
to hold fast their faith in you
and to keep alive their joy in your creation;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

Prayers for times of difficulty

O Jesus,
be the canoe that holds me up in the sea of life,
be the rudder that keeps me on the straight road,
be the outrigger* that supports me in times of temptation.
Let your Spirit be my sail that carries me through each day.
Keep my body strong, so I can paddle steadfastly on in the voyage of life.
Anglican Church of Melanesia

A structure attached to the side of a boat to keep it from capsizing.

Lord of the storm,
to all who live beside dangerous seas
and on the banks of unpredictable rivers,
grant peace of mind
and the assurance of your presence
in each and every circumstance that may befall them.
The Little Handmaids of Christ. Christa Sevika Sangha, Church of Bangladesh

Spirit of God,
who moves among us
calling us to love
and make things new,
we pray that in the lands
where Jesus taught and healed
there may be peace.
Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land

God of storm and calm,
your love is wider than the oceans
and loftier than the mountain peaks,
yet you reach to the depths of our pain
and meet us in our deepest need.
Bless the people of [this land],
protect the weak and vulnerable,
and encourage all her communities
to renew with courage their search
for deep and lasting peace.
From Sri Lanka

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Prayers for the environment

Lord, you love life; we owe our existence to you.
Give us reverence for life and love for every creature.
Sharpen our senses so that we shall recognise
the beauty and also the longing of your creation,
and, as befits your children,
treat our fellow creatures of the animal and plant kingdoms
with love as our brothers and sisters,
in readiness for your great day,
when you will make all things new.
From Switzerland

Creator God, breathing your own life into being,
you gave us the gift of life:
you placed us on this earth
with its minerals and waters,
flowers and fruits,
living creatures of grace and beauty.
You gave us the care of the earth.
Teach us, Creator God of Love,
that the earth and all its fullness is yours,
the world and all who dwell in it.
Call us yet again to safeguard the gift of life.
Christian Conference of Asia

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Prayers for World AIDS Day

O God of might and compassion,
as your son gently healed and empowered people in pain and despair:
enable us to see, understand and reach out
to all your children who have tested HIV-positive
and who now endure tension-filled waiting,
fear, rejection, neglect and isolation.
Heal our prejudices and our fears.
Give courage to all who suffer.

Loving God, you show yourself
to those who are without help
and make your home
with the poor and weak of this world.
Warm our hearts
with the light of your spirit
that we may accept
the challenges of HIV/AIDS.
Strengthen those who care for the sick,
enlighten those doing research,
protect the healthy,
calm the frightened,
encourage those in pain,
comfort the dying
and give eternal life to the dead.
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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Prayers for refugees

Lord God of wilderness, wave and wind,
you travel with the wanderers of the world.
Stay close, we pray, to all who live
with loss, in terror, and adrift,
and spur us on to build a world
where there is truly room for all.

Lord Jesus, you came among us
homeless, and as a refugee.
Shake our complacency,
rekindle our compassion,
and help us challenge our leaders
to forge a common strategy
that is both truly just, and fair.

God, our rock and our redeemer,
We pray for those forced to leave to support families;
We pray for lives torn apart by absence and loss;
We pray for people missing loved ones and home;
We pray for chaplains, pastors and advocates in this context.
May we be willing to share our selves with the stranger in our midst.

A prayer to see Jesus in the refugee

O God, our refuge in the storm,
Our hope in times of trouble,
The Son of Man had no place to lay his head;
May we see Jesus in the migrant and the refugee.
Break our hearts with your compassion for the exiled.
Help us to offer welcome to those seeking safety and shelter.

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A prayer for a fairer world

O God of Justice,
Whose son overturned the tables in the temple,
And challenged the hypocrisy of the Pharisees,
Cause us to feel anger at the ways our lifestyle reduces humanity,
And to repent and share your gifts
For a fairer world and for your kingdom on earth.

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A prayer for those caught in modern slavery

Liberating God,
You call us to bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free.
Open our eyes to the reality of modern slavery,
And to those in our midst who are trapped.
Thank you for those who are making a difference,
And may we, who are free, live lives that free others.

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