Prayer for Today

Monday 19th April

Let us pray for those who have been displaced by the effects of climate change. May we welcome them with open arms whilst recognising the impact of our actions on the world. 


Tuesday 20th April

We pray for the Green Schools initiative run by the Church of South India. May they continue to teach the next generation how to live sustainably and combat climate change.


Wednesday 21st April

Let us pray for schools in the Oxford Diocese, who have recently started a School Twinning Programme with the Church of South India. May friendships be fostered and skills developed.


Thursday 22nd April (International Mother Earth Day)

God, we have damaged Creation beyond recognition. Give us the strength and resilience to pursue ecological justice and live sustainably.


Friday 23rd April (St George's Day)

Let us give thanks for the life of St George. May we join together in celebration with our brothers and sisters in Georgia, Ethiopia, England who hold him as their patron saint.


Saturday 24th April

We pray for cooperation and friendship across borders. Let us resist nationalism and work together for the common good.


Sunday 25 April (Fourth Sunday of Easter, World Malaria Day):

Almighty Lord,

As Jesus laid down His life for us,

May we devote our lives to You.

Let us rejoice in the promise of new life.