Bray Day 2021

Past and Present: Pastoral Care across space and time

Bray Day - USPG and SPCK Founders Day online

Monday 15 February, 2021 -  7.30pm

Over the last year churches have wrestled with the question: How is pastoral and spiritual care given remotely, at a distance? It’s a question that has been asked before. Indeed, it lies at the heart of USPG and what it means to be a global mission agency.


This Bray Day we will be releasing a fascinating digital archive, a freely available online exhibition of sources and letters from the time of the Society’s foundation. This is the result of work undertaken over the last year by USPG in collaboration with scholars at the University of Leeds exploring themes of pastoral care in USPG’s archive.


This work focusses on letters exchanged between missionaries in North America and the Caribbean and the Society’s headquarters in London. It sheds an extraordinary light on the concerns and issues of pastoral caregiving in the early work of USPG. Pastoral caregiving remains a critical part of the global work of USPG particularly in the context of Covid 19. This evening will provide a rich exploration of the connections between the past and the present.


Bishop Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury

Dr Alison Searle, University of Leeds

Dr Jo Sadgrove, USPG


We are grateful to our collaborators at the University of Leeds and to the AHRC for their support of the academic project which underpins this initiative - Pastoral Care, Literary Cure and Religious Dissent: Zones of Freedom in the British Atlantic (c 1630-1720).

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