Responding to flooding in Brazil

First published on: 14th January 2022

USPG supports Church in Brazil’s flood response

USPG is sending emergency funding to the Bahia region of Brazil, which has been hit by extreme flooding in recent weeks.

Twenty-five people are dead and more missing after heavy rain brought floods to the communities of Ilhéus and Itabuna in the northeast of Brazil.

More than 35,000 people have been forced from their homes as a consequence of the extreme weather, which has even burst dams in the local area.

USPG’s support will enable the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil (IEAB) to supply food, water, cleaning supplies and bed linen to communities affected by the flooding.

Richard Bartlett, USPG’s Director of Mission Engagement and liaison with churches in Brazil, said, ‘Through USPG’s Rapid Response Fund, we are able to help our brothers and sisters in Brazil during this difficult time. We ask for your prayers for the communities of Ilhéus and Itabuna, the Bahia region and the whole of Brazil as they respond to these extreme weather events.’

Above: Flood damage in the Southern Bahia region (credit: IEAB)